Joe Melchione Photography
Year of Rebellion - The 1970 Isla Vista Riots

Self Portrait, 1970 About The Photographer

I received my first camera in 1969 and shot the Year of Rebellion images in 1970. Beyond a couple of semesters of study at Brooks Institute of Photography, I am largely self-taught. I am reluctant to join the "digital revolution" and remain committed to film. To see more of my work, please browse the rest of my website.

The images capture what I witnessed. I have tried to present them objectively, but I must admit that being involved in these events was as important as recording them. Almost 40 years later, I am proud to say I was there. It is sad to see the country again divided over yet another war.

A special thanks to Richard Flacks and Jack Whalen for allowing me to quote extensively from their book Beyond the Barricades: The Sixties Generation Grows Up, to Jeff De La Cruz for his insight and assistance with the layout and text and to the Daily Nexus, successor to the El Gaucho, for providing access to their archives.